The Stag Coming Soon!

Hello readers!

I have some good news. The Stag is currently in revisions and will be on the shelves very soon. Due to the schedules of my editors, I regret that it will be a little later than I intended, but I’m very happy that Alendra’s story will continue in the upcoming months. Keep an eye out for The Stag, as things develop. I hope you enjoy it.

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Thank you for your patience,

And I hope you enjoy The Stag.

Megan Reel

Nook is coming soon!

The Queen is now live with Kindle, Kobo, and iTunes. It has been uploaded to Nook, but hasn’t arrived in the digital store yet. Thanks for your patience. It is coming soon. As soon as it is live, I will update all the links on the website.

The Queen is available now!

Queen Cover ThumbnailThe Queen is finally here! I’m very excited for the release of this book, and so very proud of how it has turned out.

I love world building in my stories, and creating Rivinia was a particular pleasure. It is a country filled with rich textures, decadence, and sensuality. I’m looking forward to exploring Rivinia and her people through the next books in the series. I hope you’ll join me for this sexy adventure.

More than anything, I hope you enjoy The Queen and All the Queen’s Men.

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