The Queen

ISBN: 978-0-9863453-0-2

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She returned her attention to the champions. They were a feast of male beauty, each uniquely different. By the end of the night, she would share her body with them all.

Six lovers. Six ways to seduction. Which one will she choose?

The feast of Rahnis means blazing fires. Sweat-slicked skin. Throbbing drumbeats that drive erotic dances and incite orgasmic pleasure. As the ruler of a country driven by sexual ritual and elaborate ceremonial orgies, young Queen Alendra has presided over countless rites but remains untouched…until now.

Alendra can’t control the intoxicating siren song of her body discovering physical pleasure, but for as much as she wishes to feed her sensuality, she fears losing control and facing the unknown. To make matters worse, the one man she would trust with her awakening is someone she can never have, and now ritual has forced her hand.

It is time for the virgin queen, a deity in human form, to conceive an heir.

Six champions have been chosen. Perfection in male form, they have sworn to satisfy her every desire. Alendra must never know their true identities. Instead she knows them only by the mask they wear, Stag, Bull, Hawk, Serpent, Leopard, and Fox.

The feast is about to begin…

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