The Queen Excerpt

An Excerpt from The Queen by Megan Reel

The Feast of Rahnis has begun…

Trumpets sounded, and she held her breath as a gorgeous young woman, twenty or twenty-one years at most, with thick hair and dark skin walked serenely toward the stage.

The crowd parted for her as her gauzy white dress caught in the breeze and flowed behind her. The people slowed and stilled, though those already joined with a lover refused to break the connection. Instead they moved in time with the slow beat of the drums as she passed.

Four men holding torches surrounded her as they escorted her toward the center of the stage. She didn’t waver at all. Instead she held her head high, a mock crown glittering in her curling hair. The faintest breeze blew the girl’s white gauzy dress away from her beautifully shaped legs.

Her dark, unmasked eyes met Alendra’s, and the girl bowed gracefully. Alendra stood, feeling her thighs tingling as they brushed together beneath her heavy skirts. Alendra felt a wave of nervousness, for herself, and for the girl who would represent her in the fertility rite.

Alendra knew the young woman was a virgin, chosen especially for the ritual. It was a great honor, and should a child come, the babe would hold a special place in the court.

The trumpets sounded again, and from the opposite side of the round stage a man wearing only a mask that represented the sun stepped onto the platform.

Alendra brought a hand to her breast as the Sun walked straight to the girl and offered her his hand.

Four girls in red, previous sacrifices, ran forward to drape a pure white sheet over the cushioned surface of the altar.

The Sun and his sacrifice walked hand in hand to the altar.

He lifted the virgin in his arms. Her dress trailed over his powerful forearms and down to his thighs. He laid her out on the altar, where she writhed as if the touch of the silk beneath her was too harsh to bear.

The Sun stroked her, his hands skimming over her arms, over her breasts, smoothing down her stomach. He loosened her dress and eased it from her naked flesh, his strong palms using the silk to entice her as he stroked it down her body.

With the self-consciousness of a young woman, she crossed her arms over her breasts and pulled her legs close together.

Alendra didn’t know if she could stand it. This girl represented the queen’s commitment to the realm, but in her heart she couldn’t help thinking the sacrifice was just a girl about to share the most intimate moment of her life with the whole of the capital city.

She painfully remembered the first time her flesh had torn. It too had been a public display, and the thought still left her cold and wanting. At least this girl had the warmth of a man’s body to do the job, instead of the unfeeling touch of gold.

She closed her eyes for the briefest moment and gave thanks that each of the sacrificial virgins had volunteered to give themselves willingly, and that they were honored for it.

When Alendra opened her eyes again, the Sun was expertly caressing the girl’s body, coaxing her arms away from her sensitive breasts. He suckled her there, giving her a taste of pleasure while he gently stroked her legs and her thighs, willing her to open for him.

All around the center altar, the dancers and champions had reached a frantic pitch with their lovemaking. They thrust against one another with a driven urgency that came from some place higher than themselves. One after another, as if spurred on by the pleasure of the other couples around them, they succumbed to the intoxicating ritual. The Bull bellowed out his release, the Stag shouted. It was too much to withstand, and each champion found his powerful orgasm in turn. Their chorus of pleasure had a visible effect on the virgin laid out on the altar. Her breath came in quick frantic pants.

The champions collapsed on their women, while the dancers wound their arms around the men’s necks and held them close.

The virgin relaxed in the thrall from the potent wave of passion and the expert touch of the Sun. The drums hushed. The crowd waited.

Alendra’s body became a furnace of need and fear as her heart beat through the whole of her body. Chills like ice and fire rained over her flesh. She imagined herself there, lying bare on an altar with a crowd of people staring, and a man with a golden mask hovering over her body. It would be her fate soon. Too soon, and already she felt as if she had lost control of herself. How much worse would it be when she was the one stretched out in sacrifice, her champions covering her with their strong bodies?

The Sun climbed atop the altar and lay down next to the girl. He leaned his head in close to the virgin’s and she nodded, then touched his cheek and kissed him with desperate ardor. He pulled her on top of him, her legs straddling his lean waist.

His hips flexed, his cock poised at her entrance.

With tender care, he guided her body down to meet his hard shaft.

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